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Carbofuran 5% Gr

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ITEM STANDARD Appearance Violet loose grabules Carbofuran, % ≥ 5.0 Water, % ≤ 2.0 pH 5.0~7.5 Use: Systemic, with predominantly contact and stomach action. Control of soil-dwelling and foliar-feeding insects (including wireworms, white grubs, millipedes, symphylids, frit flies, bean seed flies, root flies, flea beetles, weevils, sciarid flies, aphids, thrips, etc.) and nematodes in vegetables, ornamentals, beet, maize, sorghum, sunflowers, oilseed rape, potatoes, alfalfa, peanuts, soya beans, sugar cane, rice, cotton, coffee, cucurbits, tobacco, lavender, citrus, vines, strawberries, bananas, mushrooms, and other crops. Similar specifications: Carbofuran 3% GR   Package: 25kg drum or customized packages

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