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Carbon Steel Balls

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Luoyang Mingzhen Bearing Steel Ball Co., Ltd is one of the famous carbon steel balls manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing with carbon steel balls free sample, welcome to import high precision bulk carbon balls in stock from our factory.Carbon steel balls could be separated into soft carbon steel balls and hard carbon steel balls according to their surface. Surfaces of hard carbon steel balls are strengthened by carburization and quenching while surfaces of soft carbon steel balls are not. These balls are used in bicycles, locks, shelf, bags etc. Our company supplies both soft and hard carbon steel balls.CARBON STEEL BALL Size range0.50mm (0.02") up to 80mm (3-1/8")GradesG100, G200, G500, G1000 MATERIAL CONVERSION GB (China)15, Q235BASTM/AISI (USA)1015ГОСТ (Russia)15BS (UK)095M15JIS (Japan)S15CNF (France)XC12DIN (Germany)C15, CK15 CHEMICAL COMPOSITION (15) Carbon (C)0.12% - 0.19%Manganese (Mn)0.35% - 0.65%Phosphorous (P)0.035% Max.Sulphur (S)0.035% Max.Chromium (Cr)0.25% Max.Nickel (Ni)0.25% Max.Copper (Cu)0.25% Max.Iron (Fe)Balance PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Corrosion resistanceNo corrosion resistance APPLICATION Bicycle hubs, Automotive parts, Canister balls etc.

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