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Carton Steel Horizontal Volume Haet Exchanger

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Horizontal volume heat exchanger Product DescriptionFloating coil radiator used in the form of cantilever floating coil, the steam heating hot water in the process, the upper and the lower of the coil make the water flow around the coil to destroy the laminar heat transfer. Greatly improve the heat transfer capacity, heat transfer coefficient K = 3000W/ M2 ℃, at the same time, due to the washing water flow tube can make the cantilever free floating, expansion and contraction freely, and not easy to scale, if long-term use, through the tube expansion, the accumulation of small scale will be able to automatic de-scaling. Therefore, long-term use of heat transfer, its capacity does not decline, the effect is good. Features Large heat medium temperature drop. When the soft water heat exchanger, the condensed water outlet temperature is about 50 ℃, return tube needs to set up and down the drain to bring convenience of usage and maintenance, water to water heat exchange, heat temperature for the same type of heat exchanger is 2 to 2.5 times, 120℃ ~ 150 ℃ hot water heat exchange can be reduced to 70 ℃~ 75 ℃. Good heat transfer, good heat dissipation, small heat loss, energy saving. At the same time, with the steam as the heat medium, it can recover about 15% of the total heat transfer. Small cold water area, high volume utilization rate. Maintain large capacity storage, low head loss, safe and stable water supply, and convenient cleaning.   System Application Chart of Floating Coil Volume Heat Exchanger

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