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Cas.62-53-3 Premium Grades Aminobenzene

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CAS number: 62-53-3Molecular formula: C6H7NAniline is one of the most important intermediates in dye industry, dye industry can be used in the manufacture of acid ink blue G, acid mordant BS, acid yellow, direct orange s, direct red, indigo, disperse yellow brown, Cationic Pink FG and reactive brilliant red x-sb; in organic pigments have used in the manufacture of bronze red, bronze red g, big red, red oil. Cyanine phenol, aniline black dye used in dyeing and printing industry; used in pesticide industry in the production of many pesticides and fungicides such as DDV, bifenox, propachlor; aniline is an important raw material for the manufacture of rubber additives, anti-aging agent, antioxidant D, antioxidant RD and antioxidant 4010 808, accelerator M, D and Ca etc; also can be used as pharmaceutical drug raw materials, but also the production of spices, plastic, lacquer, intermediate film; and can be used as a stabilizer in explosives, explosion-proof agent in gasoline and other solvent; Can also be used for manufacturing hydroquinone, 2- phenylindole etc. Aniline is an important raw material for the production of pesticide, by aniline derivative n-alkyl aniline, alkyl aniline, o-nitroaniline, cyclohexylamine, as germicide sodium p-aminobenzenesulfonate, Seedvax, pesticide Triazophos and pyridaphethione, quinalphos, herbicides, alachlor, hexazinone, imidazole Kui oxazoline acid intermediates

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