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Cas.64-19-7 Industrial Grade Glacial Acetic Acid 99.7%

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Acetic acid,Website:, also called acetic acid (36%--38%) and acetic acid (98%), chemical formula CH3COOH, is a kind of organic acids, as the main component of vinegar. Pure anhydrous acetic acid (HAC) is a colorless, hygroscopic solid, the freezing point is 16.6 DEG C (62 degrees Fahrenheit), after solidification is a colorless crystal, its water solution is weakly acidic, strong corrosion resistance, steam eye and nose have irritation.Glacial acetic acid (acetic acid) is a very important chemical product, it is in the organic chemical industry and the status of the inorganic chemical industry in a considerable. Products involved in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemicals, paints, dyes, plastics, polyester and other fields. Acetic acid, and raw material of ethylene vinyl acetate is bulk chemical products, is the most important organic acids. Mainly used in the production of acetic acid, acetic anhydride and acetate and ethyl cellulose. Polyvinyl acetate ester can be used for preparing thin film and adhesive, and also the synthesis of vinylon fiber. Cellulose acetate succo manufacturing rayon film. Acetate is excellent solvent widely used especially in the industrial acetic acid can be used to synthesize acetic anhydride, malonic acid diethyl ester, ethyl acetoacetate, halogenated acetic acid, etc., but also can manufacture drugs such as aspirin, can also be used in the production of salt. In pesticide, medicine and dyes, photographic chemicals manufacturing, fabric dyeing and rubber industry are widely used.

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