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Casing Head

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Product Description
Casing HeadCasing head is used to fixed well drilling wellhead, connecting wellhead casing string, to support the gravity of the technology of casing and casing, seal the annular space between the tubes of each layer, to install anti preventer, tubing head, Christmas tree provide transitional connection and through the mouth of the casing head body two side, squeeze mud, monitoring and filling balance liquid supplement construction operations.Technical Parameters -- Casing HeadModel and SpecificationRated Working PressureOutside Diameter of Connecting CasingOuter diameter of the hanging casingVertical drift diameter of ontologyHanging loadT13-3/8" X 7" -35          35MPa339.7(mm) / 13-3/8"177.8 (mm) / 7"274(mm)     1800 KHT13-3/8" X 5" -35339.7(mm) / 13-3/8"127(mm) / 5"274(mm)T10-3/4" X 7" -35273(mm) / 10-3/4"177.8 (mm) / 7"248(mm)T10-3/4" X 5" -35273(mm) / 10-3/4"127(mm) / 5"248(mm)T9-5/8" X 7" -35244.5(mm) / 9-5/8"177.8 (mm) / 7"224(mm)T9-5/8" X 7" -35244.5(mm) / 9-5/8"127(mm) / 5"224(mm)Model Description:T 10-3/4" X 7" -35T: Casing Head10-3/4": the OD of the connection casing pipe 10-3/4" (273mm)7": the OD of hanging Casing Pipe 7"(177.8mm)35: Rated working pressure 35MPa If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by

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