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Cast Alnico Magnets

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Introduction of Alnico magnet     Alnico magnet is composed primarily of alloys of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron, and sometimes titanium, which has remarkable resistance against corrosion and high temperature, and is mainly used in certain precision instruments, such as such as meters, motors and sensors.     There are two kinds of the Alnico magnets due to different manufacturing processes: Cast Alnico and Sintered Alnico. Cast AlNiCo magnet is made by pouring melted AlNiCo into a mold. The solidified material is rough ground and then heat treated and cooled. Most AlNiCo magnets are in shapes of disc, block and ring. Casting process can be used to manufacture magnets with different shapes, the magnetic property of cast magnet is better than sintered AlNiCo magnet.     Compared with cast alnico, the advantages of sintered alnico magnet are smaller size, tighter dimensional tolerances and better machinability, but sintered magnetic properties are slightly lower than cast alnico magnet.Production Flow Chart Features of Alnico magnet • High residual induction • Excellent temperature stability, up to 550℃ • Good corrosion resistance • Wide range of complex shapes and sizes available• Ease of magnetization • High field strengths at medium prices • Lower initial tooling costApplications of Alnico magnet  The coercivity values, the high remanence and thermal stability of Alnico make it the most cost effective material for certain applications:   • Micro Motors • Seismo-Sensors • Hysteresis Brakes• Electronic devices • Instrument Making • Meters: odometer, electrical meter, water-meter, etc. • Audio and Speakers• Precise Instruments for Aerospace and defense TechnologiesMagnetic Properties of Cast Alnico MagnetIn order to quote you the best price, please provide us the following information.ShapeBlock/Rectangle/SquareDisc/Round/CylinderRing/CountersunkDimensionL (?) x W(? ) xT(?)D(?) x T(?)OD(?) x ID(?) x T(?)L: length. W: width, T: thickness, D: diameter, OD: outer diameter, ID: inner diameter.For other shapes, please tell more in details or drawing would be much appreciated.CoatingZn, Nickel, Ni-Cu-Ni, Epoxy, Au, Silver or other ?Working TemperatureNormal or High temperature ?Package: Normally packed in small box, and 8 boxes one carton. Some will use vacuum package, for bigger size, will directly pack in carton and use thick spacer to separate.And for delivery by sea, will use wooden case or pallet to protect

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