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Cast Padding

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Product Description
Cast Padding:For superior patient comfort and cleanliness, apply the cast padding between a stockinet and casting or splinting material. The highly absorbent, soft, and strong padding wicks moisture away from the skin, maintaining a dry environment to reduce the risk of skin maceration. The padding features tensile strength and breathability for a tidy and streamlined fit that encourages proper airflow. Easily changed and replaced during fracture reevaluations, or appropriate for use under plaster and fiberglass casts that will remain in place for a longer duration of treatment.Product benefit:1.Polyester type padding allows transport moisture and fast dry out2.Cotton type padding providing extra comfortable feeling3.Super softness and comfort4.Quality and quantity Stability, and Price reasonableProductDescriptionSizeQtyH2-F22" under cast padding2"X 5YD (4.5M)144 Rolls / CaseH3-F23" under cast padding3"X 5YD (4.5M)72 Rolls / CaseH4-F24" under cast padding4"X 5YD (4.5M)72 Rolls / Case

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