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Cctv Bnc Compression Tool For Bnc / F / Rca Connectors (t5518)

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CCTV BNC Compression Tool for BNC / F / RCA Connectors (T5518)Description:The compression tool T5518 is for compressing waterproof connectors(BNC/F/RCA). It connects radial connectors to coaxial cable. And it customizes the length of cable used to connect components.Features:Tool Compressed DistanceBefore(±0.2)After(±0.2)Min.Max.Min.Max.27.554.819.546.8Instructions:Step 1:1. Trim back the outer jacket approximately 1/2”2. Trim the braided wire to approximately 1/4” length and fold it back over the outer jacket3. Remove approximately 1/4” from the dielectric. This should leave approximately 1/4” of center conductor exposed and 1/4” of the dielectric exposed. Please review the diagram as shown.Step 2:Insert the stripped cable into the connector. Push until dielectric rests against the bottom of the relating ring inside the connector.Step 3:Place the connector with cable into the tool’s holder.Step 4:Squeeze the handles.Step 5:Remove the compressed connector from the tool.For example, it can be used for our connector model No.CT5083/RG59, CT5081, CT5082Size: 125*58*20mm(L*W*H)Net Weight: 256g(280g including blister packing)

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