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Cdm Titanium And Titanium Alloy Products

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(A manufacturer-CDM Titanium)Shanghai CDM Industry Co., Ltd(welded&seamless tube/pipe/plate/sheet/bar/rod/wire/forging/casting/machining parts/fastener/steel/seamless tube/pipe welded tube/pipe) [CN]

CDM Titanium is an approved ISO9001:2008 & PED 97/23 EC by TUV and a professional manufacturer and exporter of titanium material and product.

Our factories are the Chinese professional manufacturer for titanium materials. The entire production process from raw material melting to finished products is controlled by our engineers.

CDM has following products: titanium seamless tube, welded tube, plate, sheet, coil, foil, billet, bar, rod, wire, casting, forging, stamping and fastener etc.

All raw materials from CDM are under our engineers' strict control and supervise from melting, forging, billets & slabs to rolling process which enable CDM materials have traceable.

CDM Products have been used in power generation, chemical processing, oil and gas exploration, marine, production and refining, aerospace as well as military, medical, automotive and sporting goods industry etc.


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Cdm Titanium-shanghai Cdm Titanium Co., Ltd.
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