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Center Drive Thickener

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Product Description
Jinfeng Gold Mining Machinery is one of the best center drive thickener manufacturers in China, equipped with good factory, welcome to wholesale center drive thickener made in China from us.Product FeaturesNZ(S)(also named TNZ)thickener is a center-drive thickener, which is a traditional thickening  equipment with earlier application. The thickeners with a diameter less than 12m are of manual handle type, and thickeners with a diameter over 12m adopt electric handle devices. Large-scale thickener adopts concrete tank, with overload indiation or alarming devices. This machine has the features like simple structure, lower wearing and convenient maintenance.Notes for SelectionFor corrosive ore pulp, an anticorrosive thickener is available, which shall require a special order.Considering the factors like transportation and construction period, the customer shall specify whether the thickener requires a thickening tank or not.NZ (S) type center drive thickener technology parameter tableModelpond for concentration(㎡)Sediment area(r/min)Speed of frame(t/d)Production capacityTransmission Motor(r/min)Speed(mm)Dimension(L×W×H)(kg)Weight(m)diameter(m)DepthModel(kw)PowerNZ-×1960×29001490NZ-×3787×31942875NZ-663280.314~62Y90S-41.114306170×5170×51538575NZ-99363.50.2632~150Y132S-6396010000×10000×53375370NZ-12123.51130.19≤250Y132S-6396015500×12000×66258880NZ-15153.61760.113≤390Y132M2-65.594017240×16000×750010557NZ-18183.62500.1≤552Y132M2-65.594019700×18860×765012338

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