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Centre Guide Silent Chain

Product Description

                                    Centre Guide Silent Chain
  One of the popular options to guide Rongda Conveyor chain is Centre Guide ,The double guide link plates in the centre of the chain fit into the groove in the centre of the sprocket teeth ,keeping the chain aligned during operation (Single guide link chains are also available when required).
Centre Guide chains are available in a variety of standard widths from 100mm (4 inch) up to 400mm (16 inch).Specials can be made to suit customers individual requirements from 12mm (1/2 inch) wide. Centre Guide chain is available in Link and Spacer,All Link ,Double Assembly and Special Assembly versions ;additional information on these designs of chain can be found throughout this catalogue.
Advantages of  RongDa Silent chain 
Silent ?conveying chains provide a smooth,durable,flat conveying surface that operates with less vibration and velocity variation than other conveying products.Chains are manufactured from hardened steed components.making them long lasting and tolerant of elevated temperatures. They are available in a variety of standard widths and constructions or can be easily built  to suit a specific application.
   Linked and pin with a special treatment,so it has highly wearable and strength to pull and can provide more stable use effects and long usage life,all of the silent can meet the International standard.
  We also can produce it from 304/316 as your special requirement and produce any type of  these products as your demand.
  The width of  silent chain can from 50mm to 500mm.
  Special Recommendation:Two pin silent chain can provide better use effects and longer usage life than single pin.And with protection plate can offer more safety protection for the product.
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