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Ceramic Polishing Pads

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Product Description
Ceramic Diamond Polishing Pads for concrete floorCeramic bond diamond polishing pads are used as transitional pads and can reduce the need for metal bond diamonds. They can easily remove the cutting marks left over by metal bond discs and prepare the floor for polishing with resin bond diamond pads. One set including 30, 50,100,200,400gritAfter 30 grit metal bond diamond start to use 50 grit ceramic pads up to 400, then switch to resin bond diamond polishing padslasts up to 20,000 sq feet6mm thicknessVelcro backed Item No.SizeGrit No.Velcro ColorThicknessC6000013"/76mm30Purple6mmC60000250  GreenC600003100  BlackC600004200  RedC600005400  Yellow

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