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Chain Bucket Elevator

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Introduction to NE series plate chain bucket elevator product NE series plate chain bucket elevator is a new hoisting equipment product developed by import of foreign advanced technology, whose main technical parameters conform to Ministry of Mechanics standard(JB3926-85). It uses the streaming charging and gravity discharge. The chain is high quality alloy high strength plate chain, wear-resisting and reliable. Driving part adopts hard tooth surface gear reducer. This machine is suitable for vertical transportation of medium and large grinding materials such as limestone, cement, gypsum, coal) and the material temperature is below 250 ℃.NE series plate chain bucket elevators are widely applied in the industrial countries. HL type ring chain hoist, etc. is being phased out because efficiency and energy saving. The series is the inflow type feeding. Material flows into the hopper and is lifted to the top against plate chain, and discharge itself under the action of gravity of the material. NE series plate chain bucket hoist has 11 kinds of models: NE15, NE30, NE50, NE150, NE200, NE300, NE400, NE500, NE600, NE800.Characteristics of NE series plate chain bucket elevator:1. Good sealing and less pollution. 2. Easy operation and maintenance, less wearing parts. 3. Low usage cost, as a result of energy saving and less maintenance, low use cost. 4. Reliable operation, advanced design principle to guarantee the machine running reliability, good sealing and less environmental pollution. 5. Good port type structure, high precision. Good rigidity and beautiful appearance of case by folding and intermediate embossing, then through welding. 6. Mechanical size is small. Compared with other kinds of hoist of the same lifting capacity, mechanical size of this hoist is smaller. 7. Large conveying capacity. This series of machines have a variety of specifications NE15 ~ NE800. Lifting capacity range is 15-800 m3 / h. 8. Easy operation, less maintenance, less wearing parts. Bush roller chain for conveyor chain, induction gravity discharge, used for steep lifting of various powder and block materials.NE series bucket elevator technical parameters table:ModelLifting Capacity (㎡/h)Top Size for Materials  Percentage %  10255075100NE15156550403025NE30326075584740NE50609075584740NE100110130105806555NE150170130105806555NE2002101701351008570NE3003201701351008570NE40038020516512510590NE500470240190145120100NE600600240190145120100NE800800275220165135110

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