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Chain Link Mesh Belt

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                                  Chain Link Mesh Belt
 Rod chain network with: the rod chain network with chain transmission is adopted and used in large and heavy-duty transmission (of course, a lot of dryer equipment conveying objects is very light but also use this link), has the advantages of stable operation, power, net surface force is relatively small, net surface to protect the function on the conveyor, price concessions, long service life. Is in recent years the most popular conveyor belt.

And the size of rod rod rod chain mesh belt, using a lot of materials, iron or stainless steel, can be solid or hollow tube can be made of the chain rod conveyor belt, and a lot of customers like the support rod or pipe outside the set of all kinds of plastic pipe or anti-static tube or wrapping tape. This is a kind of the chain and the supporting shaft into transmission conveying belt. The first supporting shaft through the shaft ends of the car, and then on both sides of the insert chain. Finally, the washer, the supporting shaft is welded on or with a cotter pin pin, which is the chain type conveying belt. The chain pitch and material and roller, a shaft of the thickness of the material and the diameter and length of a variety of models to choose.


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