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Chain Oil Additive

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Chain Oil AdditiveT6012 High-temperature Chain Oil Additive PackageProduct Introduction T6012 is an excellent ashless additive package which is developed for high-temperature chain lubricant oil. It is made from high temperature antioxidant composition, anti-wear composition, anti-rust and corrosion inhibitor and other additive composition .It can be used for the blending of high-quality and high-temperature chain oil, which has excellent high temperature stability, low evaporation loss, low carbon deposition and coking tendency as well as excellent lubricating properties at high temperature. It does not produce any harmful gases, also can reduce the downtime for cleaning accumulated solids to keep the chain clean. Reference dosage ItemAdviceVariety of petroleum products and dosagesMineral oil-based high-temperature chain oil 2.4%(m)Polyester type high-temperature chain oil 1.8%(m)The synthetic ester type high-temperature chain oil 1.2%(m)Base oil typeAPI I, II, III, IV, V group or their mixture,  which should be based on the requirements of environment and temperature for useOther additivesNo need in generalBlending temperature for  petroleum products≤ 65 ℃ SpecificationItemTypical ValueTest MethodAppearanceOrange transparent liquidVisualFlash Point(COC),℃215 ℃GB/T267Kinematic Viscosity(40℃),mm2/sReportGB/T265Density(20℃),g/cm3ReportGB/T1884Nitrogen,%, m1.68SH/T0224Phosphorus,%, m1.51SH/T0296TBN,mg KOH/g52.5SH/T0251Packing & Storage The storage temperature suggested should be lower than 50℃, and the highest temperature of loading, unloading and blending should not exceed 60℃. This product should be operated as SH/T0164 during the storage, loading and unloading and oil blending. It is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive. In terms of safety, environmental protection and application, it is the same as general petroleum products, there is no need for special protection. The product is packed in 200 liter metal drum or other packing methods conforming to user requirements.

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