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Charger / Discharger (UZR)

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JSC "TEHHOKOH" produces equipment for the maintenance of aircraft batteries for various purposes: -Charge-discharge devices-UZR for the operations of charge and discharge with the service from the first up to 6 batteries at once and currents from 2.0 to 40A, which allows for maintenance of batteries 20HKBH-25-40 20HKBH, 20FP25H1C-R , 20FP38H1C-R, 26108, 12SAM-28 12SAM-55 and others; -Devices for control of each accumulator for the measurement for the output to the printer voltage of each accumulator in the battery; -Devices Checking the battery under load in obtaining them from gas stations with the conclusion of the results to a printer; -Device-TEMPERATURE control with digital display of the temperature measurements for electrolyte in the battery; -Places the batteries are gated with the ability to connect to the exhaust ventilation used in the ├▒harge-dischargecomplexes and separately with single boot from 2 to 6 battery drain pan electrolyte batteries translation in position to change the electrolyte; -Auxiliary equipment and accessories used for the preparation of the electrolyte, making distilled water, washing and drying of batteries, storage and transportation of batteries. Of the manufactured equipment complexes are formed for maintenance of aircraft batteries.

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Charger / discharger (UZR)
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