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As one of the leading China cheap silestone quartz stone manufacturers and suppliers, Bitto Industry (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd is waiting for you to wholesale customized cheap silestone quartz stone from our silestone quartz stone1.Composition of Bitto cheap silestone quartz stoneBitto cheap silestone quartz stone is synthesized with high purity acid-washed 93% quartz stone, 7% polymer material and a small amount of inorganic pigment under vacuum condition and through heterogeneous material aggregation technology.Also known as engineered stone, it is a mix of quartz powder, resin, and pigment cast using the vacuum oscillation to form the block. Slabs are then produced by cutting, grinding, and polishing. 2.Standard sizes and thickness of Bitto quartz stone.A.Standard size of quartz slab: 2400*750mm, 2400*1500mm, 3050*750mm, 3050*1500mm, 3200*1600mm.B.Thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm.3.Colors of Bitto cheap silestone quartz stoneBitto cheap silestone quartz stone has rich existing colors for customers’choice. There are more than 100 colors in total: Solid colors, Multiple colors, Simple colors and Platinum colors. Different Colors Can Be Customized For You!4.Weight and loading information of Bitto quartz stone: 12mm: 29kg/ sqm,  15mm: 36kg/sqm,  20mm: 48kg/sqm, 30mm: 73kg/sqm. 5.Application:Bitto cheap silestone quartz stone is Widely used as floor tiles, wall tiles, paving stone, stair and riser, pavement, monuments, tombstone, kerbstone,  cavings, vanity sink,wall cladding, landscape stone,cubic stone, etc.Feathers of Bitto cheap silestone quartz stone1.Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant Extreme rigidity and durability, and can’t be cut by knife and is applicable for decoration of large public engineering space. Basic material for the product melting point as high as 1300 degree, and then by vacuum high-frequency vibration.2.High hardness and high temperature resistance The quartz material of high melting point can respond high temperature surrounding confidently. Moh's hardness can reach 7 to make sure the consistency of surface and internal quality, which is characterized by high density, stable internal structure, free of deformation, cracking and breaking.3.High acid-base resistance and corrosion resistance  The quartz stone also have good performance in the resistance of acid-base. They can withstand the acid of daily life and base to avoid the aging and lengthen the working life.Extremely low water absorption rate, free of fouling absorption, stable performance and free of corrosion from various matters.4.No radiation The radioactivity of natural stone and it is prepared by raw quartz material, free of all the radioactive materials and features health and environmental protection.5.High luminance and easy cleaning The specific formula composition achieves lasting brightness and non-discoloring and keeps bright as new. It’s also convenient and easy cleaning and maintenance.6.Environmental protection and HealthMade of top quality quartz material and have the strict purification process to get rid of the impurity to avoid the radiation and other harmfulness.

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