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Chemical Pumps X

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Pumps type X (X 160/29 X 72/20 X 80-65-160, 80-50-200 X, X 100-80-160, 100-65-250 X, X 100-65-315 X 150-125-315, 150-125-400 X, X 200-150-315, 200-150-400 X, X 200-150-500) - Rotary, horizontal, cradle-mounted and single-stage pumps designed for pumping chemically active and neutral liquids with density 1850 kg/m3, containing solids in an amount of not more than 0.1% by volume with a particle size of not more than 0.2 mm, the kinematic viscosity to 30h10-6m2 / s. Temperature of pumped liquid in pumps X from 233 to 393K (-40 to 120oC)

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Chemical pumps X
Price: contract price
Chemical pumps X
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