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Cheng Tinghua, also called Yingfang was from  Shen County in Hebei. He was born in 1848 and died in 1900. He was 52 years old.  In Mr. Chengs early years he practiced Shuaijiao and Shaolin.  As a result of someones  recommendation, he  asked to join Dong Haichuans school.  He deeply got the pure essence and spirit of Baguazhang.  Mr. Cheng was a large and strong man.  He had an eyeglasses shop in Beijing. Therefore people all called him  Spiritual Strength Eyeglasses Cheng. In 1900, the Eight Countries Allied Armies invaded Beijing. Mr. Cheng wanted to stop a unit of the German army who were bullying the peaceful populace.  He engaged the German army unit and was shot and killed.  Mr. Cheng had many students. The most famous were: Feng Junyi, Zhang Yukui, Kan Lingfeng, Li Wenpiao, Zhou Xiang, Zhang Yongde, Sun Lutang, Yang Mingshan, Guo Tongde, Liu Bin, Cheng Yougong, Cheng Youlong, and Cheng Youxin.  They all made outstanding contributions to the development of Cheng Style Baguazhang.  Feng Junyi, was good at using the leg method.  Men called him Flying Legs Feng Junyi.   Zhang Yukui, was from a millers family. Men called him Miller Zhang.  Kan Lingfeng men called Kan Eight.  Zhang Yongde, sold boots. Hedid  not know how to write, and often asked people to write letters for him.  He never brushed pictures, only boots. Men called him Boots Zhang.   Zhou Xiangs face had pockmarks.  Men called him Pockmarks Zhou.  Guo Tongde sold steamed buns to make a living. Men called him Steamed Buns Guo.  Yang Mingshan first studied with Mr. Cheng to make eyeglasses. Then he asked his teacher if he could also study Bagua.  Liu Bin was Mr. Chengs youngest disciple.  The above men all had very pure skills and were famous in the martial community.  Li Wenbiao, also called Guangpu, was among Cheng Tinghuas most outstanding students. He was big and tall. His eyes were bright and his spirit was awesome. He was burly with enormous strength. He deeply got the pure understanding of Baguazhang.  Li first followed Supervisor of the Military Xu Shichang and went to the Northeast. In Fengtian he was appointed to seek out foreign spies.   At that time, many martial artists, like Warlord Li, Spiritual Wrestler  Ji Si, Pigua Li Baorong, and Mr. Chengs nephew Cheng Yougong  in the troops under his command. Later he held office with President Cao Kun in Beijing.  Within his troops there were no less than ten of his Baguazhang classmates and some juniors, like Miller Zhangs student Cui Yugui, Cheng Youlongs student He Jun, Zhu WenBaos student Liu Zhigang, and Cheng Tianhuas student Liu Zitai.  When Feng Yuyang rebelled against President Cao Kun, Li was killed in the confusion and looting.  Master Li was famous for his depressing palm  (ta zhang).  No man dared to lightly test him. At that time, the martial community universally praised him.  Mr. Sun Lutang followed Guo Yunshens student Li Kuiyuan and studied Xingyi Quan. Then he asked Mr. Cheng Tinghua to teach him Bagua.  Later he met Hao Weijin. Because his knowledge was already comparatively deep, he thereupon studied Taijiquan.  Mr. Sun purely studied these three styles of martial art. He deeply got every nuance and fused them together.  He authored The Real Meaning of Fighting, The Study of Xingyi Quan, The Study of Baguazhang, The Study of Taijiquan, and The Study of Bagua Sword, to be left for future generations.  Mr. Sun held a teaching post at the Nanjing Central Kuoshu Institute. He was famous all over, and was one of the great martial arts teachers of his time.  Cheng Yougong, also known as Xiangting, was Mr. Cheng Tinghuas nephew. When he first practiced Baguazhang, he would get up when the rooster crowed and practice assiduously. One time, in the Eyeglass shop, the disciples were all walking. Eyeglasses Cheng was in the central room drinking tea. Mr. Yougong was in the courtyard practicing the Turning Palms.  Mr. Cheng not speak and  Yougong was not allowed to stop or pause.  In three years Yougong progressed greatly. When he followed Master Li Wenbiao in Fengtian looking for spies, he would practice the palms with a ten pound iron staff. He was never idle.  Daily, by himself, would go out and arrest bandits. At that time, the bandits without a doubt all heard his name and lost their courage. He had a position in Headquarters Indoctrination Hall of the Northeast Army of Zhang Zuolin. He taught Baguazhang to Zhang Xueliang.  Cheng Youlong, also called Haiting, was Mr. Cheng Tinghuas oldest son.  When he was young he received Eyeglasses Chengs parental teachings.  After  he lost his father, he practiced his skills even  more diligently.  He later studied Taijiquan with  Mr. Yang Jianhou and blended the two arts to make Bagua Taiji Quan.  He was fair-skinned, and his nature was forthright and frank.  He had a scholars air. He was pure in Baguazhang.  He was also an expert in drawing and calligraphy.  He  extensively  researched the principles of fighting. He also researched every nuance of the Paired Baguazhang Method and Bagua Meridian Mandarin Duck Axes.  He died because he smoked too much.  All of his classmates deeply mourned him.  Cheng Youxin, also called Shouting, was Mr. Cheng Tinghuas second son.  When Cheng Tinghua left this world, Youxin was only nine years old.  He really never got his fathers true teachings, but learned  from Cheng Tinghuas students.  They all gave him instruction and he reached a very high level.   As a result of this, the instruction that he received came from many teachers.  He did not receive one  formal Bagua  transmission.  Nevertheless his skill caught up to that of his older brother, though it did  not surpass it. Mr. Youxin was short and small.  He was expert in lower basin stepping.  Men called him Cuo Ye (Short Uncle).  The sum of his studies was  his 64 Palms, only he was closefisted in teaching it.  Only Mr. Liu Tanfeng got his teachings.

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