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CHETRA Bulldozers

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CHETRA Bulldozers: - Adoption of components manufactured by the leading international producers; - Simple design and lack of necessity of using complex electronic devices for repair and trouble-shooting; - 70% of all components used in machinery are produced in-house, thus close quality control is carried out at all stages; - Worldwide warranty maintenance of engines through CUMMINS network of representatives; - Modular design of machinery ensures easier in-field repair of machinery and replacement of its units; - Alignment and interchangeability of units used in different models enable cutting down the breakdown period of machines. - Comfortable working environment (hydromounted cabin with air-conditioning, double-glazing, reduced noise level, air-suspended operator’s seat) ensures low fatigability and high productivity of an operator; - Effective price positioning of «CHETRA» brand, price/quality ratio. Price of «CHETRA» machines is 30% lower than the prices of brands of the «premium» segment; - Manufacturing period, from 2 up to 6 months, ensures fast turnover of assets invested into purchase of equipment; - Comparison of operating and maintenance costs of «CHETRA» bulldozers carried out by a Russian mining company shows economical efficiency of «CHETRA» bulldozers compared to bulldozers of the competitors; - Optional installment of a GPS/GLONASS terminal which through its channels transfers information on condition of the bulldozer’s main systems and enables remote tracing of the location and condition of the bulldozer from the service company station.

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