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Pipe-laying machines are equipped with engines "Cummins", which in terms of emissions meet the most stringent international standards for currently for special equipment (Trier 3 / Stage III, Stage III A); * Installed monolithic aluminum radiators production AKG Germany; * Use in the radiator installed air coolers like "air" and coolers fuel increased engine efficiency, reduced emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere; * Installed additional fuel filters "Fleetquard" with the functions of the separation of water and heating fuel. Transparent cover these filters provides visualization display life filter element; * Water heater installed modern "Eberspeher" for pre-start and warm up the engine cab with automatic control. Their use allows for easy start-up and increases engine life and reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere; * At pipelayers CHETRA TG122 I set gear pumps (cast iron housing and helical gears) from "DAVID BROWN". On pipelayers CHETRA TG222, TG302 CHETRA, CHETRA TG511 used valves, hydraulic and electronic joysticks, as well as axial piston pumps are adjustable "BOSCH REXROTH". All models are applied hydraulic load sensing (LS system), and on the waterworks company pipelayers with "BOSCH REXROTH" - LUDV system to allow for multiple operations, regardless of the load and speed of operations; * Modular design of all components and systems; * Three-point semi-rigid suspension with oscillating axle of bogies; * Back-up and support rollers and idlers with time lubrication for life and self-seals "duo-cone"; * Hydromechanical transmission with planetary gearbox and a two-stage final drive, economical diesel; * Cab mounted on viscous sealed, fitted with double-glazed windows, security system, climate (air conditioners and heaters), wipers and washers, sun shades, audio systems. In the cabins are equipped with mini-bars for cooling water and beverages; * Limiters hook and boom, permanently enclosed disc brakes to prevent the load falls. Standard equipment: Beep; Rear tow hitch; Front towing device; Protection of engine and transmission; Hinged radiator guard; Alternator 85 A; Batteries (2), 12V, 190 Ah (system voltage 24 V).

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