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Chikung Techniques

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TechniquesWhether viewed from the perspective of exercise, health, philosophy, or martial arts training, several main principles emerge concerning the practice of qigong: Intentional movement: careful, flowing balanced styleRhythmic breathing: slow, deep, coordinated with fluid movementAwareness: calm, focused meditative stateVisualization: of qi flow, philosophical tenets, aestheticsChanting/Sound: use of sound as a focal pointAdditional principles:Softness: soft gaze, expressionless faceSolid Stance: firm footing, erect spineRelaxation: relaxed muscles, slightly bent jointsBalance and Counterbalance: motion over the center of gravityAdvanced goals:Equanimity: more fluid, more relaxedTranquility: empty mind, high awarenessStillness: smaller and smaller movements, eventually to complete stillnessThe most advanced practice is generally considered to be with little or no motion.

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