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China Electronic Pcb Layout Services, Custom Pcb Design And Layout Manufacturing

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Among those famous china electronic pcb layout services, custom pcb design and layout manufacturing manufacturers, Rigao Electronics is a professional china electronic pcb layout services, custom pcb design and layout manufacturing supplier and factory, we can offer you customized products price and quotation consultation, welcome to buy our products at low price.Product DetailBasic InfoModel NO.:pcbdeisng2340Product DescriptionChina Electronic PCB Layout Services , Custom PCB Design and Layout ManufacturingDetailed Product Description   Electronic High Speed PCB Layout Services , Custom PCB Design and Manufacturing   Quik Details:China MCU PCB Board DesignDesign tool with Protel, PAD2000, Power PCB or CAD ect.Custom PCB board design and manufacturing in turnkey solutionsLow cost, good serviceDFM ,DFT PCB board design Description:    We are one stop solution for PCB from developing to fabricating PCB. Our PCB design center specializing in offering PCB layout design service in high-density / high-frequency PCB design, high-speed backplane design, motherboards and control board design, blind and buried vias PCB design as well as the kinds of high-speed differential signal circuit board design, to provide clients with long-term PCB LAYOUT, SI simulation analysis, power integrity simulation analysis, product / board EMC design and other technical services and solutions.     We have extensive experience in the design of high frequency PCB design, high-speed PCB design, PCB simulation, PCB layout, digital to analog A / D hybrid circuit board design and other fields such as PCI, CPCI, PCI-EXPRESS, ATCA, XAUI, SATA & SATAII , 10GHz high-speed differential signal, DDR & DDRII SDRAM 800M, TI DSP series, MCU, ARM7 & ARM9 series, programmable logic, DLP-RAMBUS RLDRAM, switching power supply design (Switch Power Supply), high-speed backplanes up to 20 layer PCB multilayer circuit board design, network communication products covered, IPC industrial control, medical electronics, automotive electronics, portable devices, digital consumer electronics and many other applications.  PCB Layer Design Tools  Cadence Allegro Mentor Expedition Mentor Boardstation Powerpcb Protel PCB Layout Design Spec.Maximum design layers: OpenMaximum number of PIN: 48963Maximum Connections: 36215Smallest vias: 8MIL (4MIL laser hole)Minimum line width: 3MILMinimum line spacing: 4MILPCB board BGA Number: 44Minimum BGA PIN pitch: 0.5mmHighest speed signal: 10G CML differential signalsFastest delivery: 20000 PIN before the board PCB simulation, placement, and routing, total eight days after the simulation.        High-speed high-density PCB designHigh-speed backplane designProbe cardMotherboards and mobile phone board designIndustrial control panels and test boardBlind and buried vias designMinimum BGA pin-pith: 0.5mmHigh-speed differential signals: 10 GHz differential signalThe minimum line width and line spacing: 3MILMinimum via hole size: 8mil (4mil Laser drill)     PCB Layout Design Cases DDR / DDRII 800M / QDR / SRAM memory interfaceSwitch Power SupplyPCI, CPCI, PCI-X, PCIE, SATA, SATA II, XAUIATCA, AMC, HyperTransportTI DLP-RAMBUS RDRAM 2. PCB signal simulation: Timing issues reflectionOvershoot Ringing Crosstalk Power to bomb power / ground bounce Solutions such as trace topologies, chip drive capability analysis, termination resistors matching programs to optimize the schematic design. Signal matching scheme Signal traces topologyHigh-speed signal return current return pathPower supply decoupling to decoupling 3. EMC analysis:         ·Schematic analysisBoard Structure AnalysisSelection of devicesHigh-speed signal simulation SIPower to stability analysis and filter capacitor distributionPCB layout routing analysisFollow EMC testing and analysis 4. Schematic symbols and PCB footprint library services Principle Gallery offers a variety of tools (schematic symbols) ORCAD Capture ConceptHDL Dxdesigner Design Capture Padslogic Protel   Tag: High Speed PCB Layout, PCB Design Services Contact Now

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