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China Silent Diesel Generator

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MPMC Powertech Corp is one of the top level China china silent diesel generator manufacturers and suppliers, we export china silent diesel generator for industrial use, construction, highway, mining, military, telecommunication, banking, data center, oilfield, hospital, rental, harbor, and exhibition, welcome to buy cheap china silent genset, china silent electric generator, china silent power generator, china silent diesel generators, china silent generator sets in China, and for sale from us.MPMC powered by China brand engine open diesel generator set with high reliability, low emissions, small vibration, low noise and long service life. The China engine mainly used in vehicles, ships, construction machinery, agricultural machinery , power generation equipment, with integral forged steel crankshaft, cast alloy body and the cylinder head, small size, light weight, high reliability, the overhaul time is long, low emission, low noise, have better environmental performance . Reliable cold start performance and lower cost of continuous load operation due to the optimized combustion process, the most important is cost-effective.Features of Genset Powered by the China brand engine:1. Strong and durable2. Reliable operation3. Convenient maintenance4. With ISO9001& CE certification5. Coupled with Stamford, Meccalte, Leroysomer alternator or China alternator6. Spare parts easy to buy7. Power range from 10kva to 625kva8. Rigorous test including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load and 110% load9. Warranty: One year or 1000 hours Working Hours from the shipment date, whichever comes first.Benefits of silent generator://.Soundproof canopy can significantly reduce noise level//.All series of soundproof generator sets can be lifted from eye lifting hooks on the top.//.High quality coating suitable for all weather conditions and avoids rusting for long period of time.//.More compact and strength structure, muffle built-in lower noise level. //.Enlarge the area of air intake and discharge.//.Separated output cable box, easy for cable connections (especially suitable for construction, leases).//.Outdoor box with full spray treatment, higher climate-proof.//.External emergency stop button, easy to operate.//.Inside the canopy using fire-retardant sound-absorbing material //.Adapt to all weather condition//.Ease of installation, operation and maintenance.

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