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Chip Bead Inductor

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components chip bead inductor and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading chip bead inductor manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics chip inductor, ferrite bead inductor, wire-wound inducror, multi-layer inductor from our factory. CHIP BEAD INDUCTORFeatures : Ferrite Bead Inductors, Available in Various Types , for EMI Suppression ●Ferrite EMI toroidal core●Split EMI toroidal core for round cables●Ferrite beads●Ferrite RID core●Ferrite beads inductor●Beads inductor●Body: Ferrite ;  Terminal: tinned copper plate t=0.2mm ●Leaded ferrite beads●EMI leaded beads●EMI choked●EMI beads inductor●Wide band chokes●Bead coils●SMD ferrite bead●RDC: 0.6M©●Impedance: 25MHz: 50©100MHz: 76©●Shielding signal noise suppression and transient frequencydamping for VGA cards, PC boards, TV games and more●Temperature rise: 20mg●Ambient temperatures: 80°C●Rated temperature range: -20 to +100°C●Dielectric withstanding voltage: 250Vrms●Rated current: based on temperature rise●Terminal tensile strength: 10kg (minimum)●Terminal bending strength: 0.3kg (minimum )●Moisture resistance characteristics: N LL ±5%, N Q/Q±20%●Reducing radio frequency interference, noise●Low cost, high reliability   Remarks : Monolithic inorganic material construction Closed magnetic circuit avoids crosstalk Low DC resistance and       high current-handling capability Excellent solder ability, heat resistant and       highreliability Applications: VGA card, PC board, video game, motherboard and TV, Highly suitable for noise suppression in DC power lines of USBinterface circuitry, HDDs, PCs and other general electronicequipment                Package : Tape and Reel Fullstar Type series:  SCB Series , SIC Series , SIW Series

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