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Chopped Straw Pellets

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Product Description

Chopped straw pellets are used for horse bedding, as well as for all kinds of poultry, pigs and livestock.

100% natural wheat straw, without any additives.
Maximum absorbency – due to the larger surface area, they absorb more than 3 times faster than regular straw pellets, preventing Coccidiosis and ensuring a better effect on bacteria control.
Odour control – binding the smell of ammoniac.

1100 kg Big Bag – 22 Big Bags into the standard truck.
550 kg Big Bag – 44 Big Bags into the standard truck.
20 kg plastic bag – 50 small bags on one pallet, 24 tones into the standard truck.
Different packaging is also available. Packages are completely customizable (labelling, size, material etc.) according to client needs.

Raw material storage is important:
All our straw is stored under the roof all-year-round. The proper straw storage ensures we keep our raw straw dry, mould and dirt free. It enables us to produce high quality equine bedding pellets and straw pellets for other animal bedding.

More information about our products and services:

Regional Manager (UK) +44 7874 400 690
Regional Manager (Sweden) +46 812 410195
Regional Manager (Germany) +49 322 142 19985

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