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Cilostazol For Medicinal Use Cas: 73963-72-1 (

Product Description

No Side Effect Assay 99% Cilostazol for Medicinal Use CAS: 73963-72-1



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Product name: Cilostazol

Alias: 6-[4-(1-cyclohexyltetrazol-5-yl)butoxy]-3,4-dihydro-1H-quinolin-2-one; Pletal; OPC 13013; Cilostazol (JAN/USAN); 2(1H)-Quinolinone,6-[4-(1-cyclohexyl-1Htetrazol- 5-yl)butoxy]-3,4-dihydro-; Pletal (TN); Cilostazole; Cilostal

CAS Registry Number: 73963-72-1

Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade

Standard: Enterprise Standard

Manufacturer :  NJBNSteroid

Lead time :1-2 days upon receipt of payment

Delivery Term: Products below 200Kg by air; over 200Kg by ship

Delivery Time: Average 6 days by air; 15 days by ship

Usage: A potent phosphodiesterase III A (PDE3A) inhibitor (IC50=0.2uM) and inhibitor of adenosine uptake. Has antimitogeni, antithrombotic, vasodilatory and cardiotonic properties in vivo. Also affects lipid levels in vivo.



2. Product description:


Molecular Formula: C20H27N5O2 

Molecular Weight: 369.46 

Purity: 99%

Molecular Structure:


Melting point: 159-160℃

Boiling Point: 664.7℃ at 760 mmHg

Flash Point: 355.8℃

Density: 1.34 g/cm3

Solubility: 18 mg/mL, soluble

Storage Requirement: Avoid light, airtight preservation,at RT.

Appearance: Off-white solid

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