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Cir130 Down The Hole Dth Drill Hammer For Mining Drilling Rocks

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CIR130 Down The Hole DTH Drill Hammer for Mining Drilling RocksProduct Information-Name: CIR130 low air pressure DTH hammer for mining water well drilling-Item Number:KQ130B-Brand Name: KAIYU-Material: Carbide steel-Machine type: Drilling Equipment-Processing: ForgingConnect Thread: API 2 3/8" REG BOX-Bit shank: CIR130 -Packaging: Wooden Case-Delivery: 3-20days-Certification: ISO9001-Place of Origin: Taizhou, Zhejiang,China(Mainland)-Use: Well drilling, blasting, ore mining-Application: Marble quarrying and well drilling Product DescriptionDown-the-hole rock tools (drilling tools) are rock drilling equipment which takes compressed air as power source to partially transfer impact power into drilling holes. An air distributing device in a top hammer controls a piston to move back and forth. An impact device arranged in the front of the top hammer transfers the impact powder to a down-the-hole bit to crush rocks.Choosing the right hammer is largely determined by hole size and rock formation.Low air pressure hole Diameter: 65-220mm. We design our hammers with different outstanding advantages,and provide the various shanks for international use.LOW AIR PRESSURE HAMMERS    Item#Hammer length w/o bit (mm)Top Sub ThreadOutside Diameter (mm)Weight  (KG)Bit diameter(mm)Working pressure  (Bar)   (PSI)Air consumption    (m³/min)  (CFM)Bit shankKQ-50628F32*8PIN445504-1058-1453-5105-177CIR50KQ-60777F42*8PIN537.5604-1058-1453-7105-248CIR60KQ-65745F42*10PIN6113654-1058-1456-12210-424CIR65KQ-76A811F48*10PIN6613.5764-1058-1456-10210-353CIR70KQ-90A855F48*10PIN802290-1205-1072-1457-12247-424CIR90KQ-110B871API 2 3/8" REG BOX9833110-1505-1072-1457-12247-424CIR110KQ-130B890API 2 3/8" REG BOX11248.5130-1755-1072-1457-12247-424CIR130KQ-150A904F70*10PIN13670150-2005-1072-14510-16353-565CIR150KQ-170A1030F100*28PIN15696170-2505-1072-14512-18424-635CIR170KQ-200A1058F100*28PIN182130200-2505-1072-14516-20565-706CIR200Item Description  Part Number Item Description Part Number    1. Top SubKQ130B-01   8. ValveKQ130B-08   2. CapKQ130B-02   9. Guide SleeveKQ130B-09   3. Check ValveKQ130B-03   10. Bit Retainer RingKQ130B-10   4. SpringKQ130B-04   11. O-ringKQ130B-11   5. ShimKQ130B-05   12. Driver SubKQ130B-12   6. Rubber ringKQ130B-06   13. Outer SleeveKQ130B-13   7. Valve capKQ130B-07   14. Outer SleeveKQ130B-14

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