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Cir170 Down The Hole Dth Drill Hammer For Mining Drilling Rocks

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CIR170 Down The Hole DTH Drill Hammer for Mining Drilling RocksProduct Information-Name: CIR170 low air pressure DTH hammer for mining water well drilling-Item Number:KQ170A-Brand Name: KAIYU-Material: Carbide steel-Machine type: Drilling Equipment-Processing: Forging-Connect Thread: F100*28PIN-Bit shank: CIR170 -Packaging: Wooden Case-Delivery: 3-20days-Certification: ISO9001-Place of Origin: Taizhou, Zhejiang,China(Mainland)-Use: Well drilling, blasting, ore mining-Application: Marble quarrying and well drilling Product DescriptionWhen percussion or hammer drilling, the percussion mechanism is called a DTH or down the hole hammer. This drilling tool is located directly above the hammer bit. The driller transfers weight to the bit through the drill pipe as well as provides some rotation.Through the use of a compressor, the pressurized air is forced to the hammer. As the drilled holegets deeper, the driller adds more drill pipe to the string. The piston strikes the impact zone of the hammer bit; hammers are always used as part of a casing advancement system and can be used in reverse circulation applications. DTH hammers are common when drilling blast holes and water wells.Low air pressure hole Diameter: 65-220mmLOW AIR PRESSURE HAMMERS    Item#Hammer length w/o bit (mm)Top Sub ThreadOutside Diameter (mm)Weight  (KG)Bit diameter(mm)Working pressure  (Bar)   (PSI)Air consumption    (m³/min)  (CFM)Bit shankKQ-50628F32*8PIN445504-1058-1453-5105-177CIR50KQ-60777F42*8PIN537.5604-1058-1453-7105-248CIR60KQ-65745F42*10PIN6113654-1058-1456-12210-424CIR65KQ-76A811F48*10PIN6613.5764-1058-1456-10210-353CIR70KQ-90A855F48*10PIN802290-1205-1072-1457-12247-424CIR90KQ-110B871API 2 3/8" REG BOX9833110-1505-1072-1457-12247-424CIR110KQ-130B890API 2 3/8" REG BOX11248.5130-1755-1072-1457-12247-424CIR130KQ-150A904F70*10PIN13670150-2005-1072-14510-16353-565CIR150KQ-170A1030F100*28PIN15696170-2505-1072-14512-18424-635CIR170KQ-200A1058F100*28PIN182130200-2505-1072-14516-20565-706CIR200Item Description  Part Number Item Description Part Number    1. Top SubKQ170A-01   8. ValveKQ170A-08   2. CapKQ170A-02   9. Guide SleeveKQ170A-09   3. Check ValveKQ170A-03   10. Bit Retainer RingKQ170A-10   4. SpringKQ170A-04   11. O-ringKQ170A-11   5. ShimKQ170A-05   12. Driver SubKQ170A-12   6. Rubber ringKQ170A-06   13. Outer SleeveKQ170A-13   7. Valve capKQ170A-07   14. Outer SleeveKQ170A-14

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