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Class A Measuring Pipette

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1630A Measuring Pipette, class A, Graduated with zero at topDescription: Measuring pipette is a precision fluid measuring instruments. Calibrated to deliver. Graduated in white from the tip of the pipette. With a color-coded band at the top for easy size identification. The pipettes are manufactured to meet Class A tolerances.There are 11 sizes available: 0.1ml measuring pipette class A, 0.2ml measuring pipette class A, 0.5ml measuring pipette class A, 1ml measuring pipette class A, 2ml measuring pipette class A , 5ml measuring pipette class A, 10ml measuring pipette class A, 15ml measuring pipette class A, 20ml measuring pipette class A, 25ml measuring pipette class A, 50ml measuring pipette class A.Material: Neutral glassColor: ClearKey Product Features:1.Calibrated to deliver an accurate dosing every time2.Top-rack dishwasher safe3.Borosilicate Glass Class A4.Type Mohr, To DeliverSpecification:Cat.No. Capacity(ml)Sub Division(ml)Tolerance(±ml)ColourCodeWaitingTimeQty/Ctn1630A0.10.010.006Green 6001630A0.20.010.006White 6001630A0.50.020.006Green 6001630A1.00.010.008Yellow4-86001630A2.00.020.012Black4-84801630A5.00.050.025Red5-114801630A10.00.020.050Orange5-114801630A15.0    4801630A20.0    2401630A25.00.200.100White9-152401630A50.00.200.100Black17-25120

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