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Classic European Style Decoration Bathroom Hanging Round And Rectangle Restroom Cosmetic Mirror

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Origin: HangzhouInstallation:HangingMaterial: Silver mirrorPort of shipment: Ningbo,Website:, ShanghaiMOQ:5Delivery time: 10-15 daysModelHSM-006HSM-007HSM-008HSM-009HSM-010Specifications(mm)800*6001000*800800*600600*600800*600Product features:1, layout design: light box using alloy, the back is more clean, more secure, fully closed back more waterproof use of an integrated iron back plate, surrounded by sealing, not afraid of water.2, cross linked design: tolerance, there is a gap of about 2 cm, simpler installation more convenient and faster, mold forming one edge overall smooth not hurting hands.3, environmental protection lenses: Automotive grade float glass, the introduction of double edge grinding technology in Italy, 100% high-quality environmentally friendly lead-free silver mirror, the life is 5 times the traditional silver mirror.4, packing: double bubble fall + carton + solid wood5, touch switch, adjustable 5050LED lamp light source with imported chips 60 meters / silica gel series, sufficient brightness strong lifeLens maintenance:When the lens of the bathroom cabinet appears water stain, use soft cloth and neutral detergent.LED maintenance:1, moisture is the key lighting maintenance, especially toilets, baths of the LED lamp and the kitchen stove headlights, to device waterproof lampshade, to prevent moisture intrusion, to prevent the emergence of corrosion damage or leakage short-circuit.2, LED lamp is best not to use water to clean, as long as with dry dishcloth Zhanshui to scrub, if accidentally run into the water to try to dry, avoid by all means is after the lights immediately with wet cloth to scrub.Reminder:1, usually LED lights can not be adjusted in the lamp, the delay switch, the induction switch circuit in the use of.2, to prevent the use of high temperature and humidity in the environment.3, LED lighting is mainly driven by power, advocate non professionals do not assemble themselves, to avoid the risk of electric shock and so on.4, LED lighting is usually in the ambient temperature of 5 ~ 40 degrees Celsius in the case of the use of.5, LED lighting lamps and lanterns of metal some can not be arbitrarily used to polish powder and other chemical agents.6, LED lighting on the back of the dust should use dry cloth or clean duster.After-sale service:Please check the goods carefully after the receipt of the goods, check the quantity. If it is found that the goods in question, less fat, leakage, please timely and contact us, we deliver goods packaged with a real-time monitoring found some problems for you a satisfactory solution, reissue postage we are committed.The goods have problems, please be sure to use the camera or the camera to provide a clear picture of the fault and the problem, we guarantee that in time for you to deal with.

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