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Clear Glass Class B Volumetric Flask

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1621B Volumetric Flask, class B, with one graduation mark, with glass or plastic stopper, Boro 3.3 Glass or Neutral GlassDescription: Volumetric flask is a necked pear-shaped flat-bottomed flask. And it is made of clear or brown glass, and with ground glass stopper or plastic stopper. Flask purpose is to formulate a solution or accurate precision quantitatively diluted solution. Class B is less accurate than Class A.There are 10 sizes available: 5ml volumetric flask class B, 10ml volumetric flask class B, 25ml volumetric flask class B, 560ml volumetric flask class B, 100ml volumetric flask class B, 200ml volumetric flask class B, 250ml volumetric flask class B, 500ml volumetric flask class B, 1000ml volumetric flask class B, 2000ml volumetric flask class B.Material: Neutral glassColor: ClearKey Product Features:1. made of good material2. Clear White3. Durable4. Cheap5. Standard CapacitySpecification:Cat.No. Capacity(ml)CapacityTolerance(±ml)GroundmouthQty/Ctn1621B50.0410/192881621B100.0410/192881621B250.0610/192881621B500.1010/192881621B1000.2012/211441621B2000.3014/23721621B2500.3014/23721621B5000.5019/26481621B10000.8024/29241621B20001.2024/2912

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