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Clear Glass Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle

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1403 REAGENT BOTTLE, Clear glass wide mouth with ground-in glass or plastic stopperProduct DescriptionThis bottle is clear for viewing contents and has a ground glass stopper for sealing against spills. Flint glass may contain an occasional small bubble or surface blemish and is not intended for heating. Reagent bottles are commonly used in laboratories and other scientific applications. There are 10 sizes available : 30ml Reagent Bottles, 60ml Reagent Bottles, 125ml Reagent Bottles, 250ml Reagent Bottles, 500ml Reagent Bottles, 1000ml Reagent Bottles, 2500ml Reagent Bottles, 5000ml Reagent Bottles, 10000ml Reagent Bottles, 20000ml Reagent Bottles.Product informationSpecifications:Cat.No.Capacity(ml)Dia.of.body(mm)Dia.of.mouth(mm)Height(mm)Qty/Ctn1403304025721441403604630801441403125573810872140325070501307214035008558165481403100010665188241403250014590260614035000185110330614031000022512541521403200002651455151Product Features : Wide-mouth reagent bottle for storing powders and liquids such as chemicals, solutions and solvents;Clear for viewing contents;Ground glass stopper for sealing against spills Material:Boro 3.3 GlassColor:clearSelling point: Various specifications; Preferential price;High quality; made from 3.3 borosilicate glass

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