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Clevis Pin

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If you are looking for customized and non-standard China supplier clevis pin from one of the famous China clevis pin manufacturers and factory, please feel free to contact CFSM.Material: 42CrMoWeight: 0.45kgManufacture process: Machining Description: There are two main types of clevis pins: threaded and unthreaded. Unthreaded clevis pins have a domed head at one end and a cross-hole at the other end. A cotter pin (USA usage) or split pin is used to keep the clevis pin in place. Threaded clevis pins have a partially threaded shank on one end and a formed head on the other. The formed head has a lip, which acts as a stop when threading the pin into the shackle, and a flattened tab with a cross-hole. The flattened tab allows for easy installation of the pin and the cross-hole allows the pin to be moused.

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