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Jiangyin Yangfan Ship Trading Co.,Ltd is one of the best clinometers manufacturers and suppliers in China, you can get clinometers free sample and buy discount products from our factory.A clinometer is required for positioning a vessel on a proper trim. It also indicates the correct heel angle and is helpful in determining the appropriate locations for cargo and equipment. A pair of clinometers, one installed on the keel axis and the other on the beam axis, will give the necessary and accurate indications for adjustment of the trim angle.CODETypeSpecification370241Dial typeHeavy glass front,200 mm dial,graduated 0-50 On each side of the vertical plane in 5 integrals, 80 mm pointer and two maximum indicators with Reset device and stop to hold movable pointer When not in use.weight 1.5 kgs370241Tube typeSingle tube clinometers with a bubble type spirit Filled glass tube on a 160*350*25 mm plastic Graduated panel.the tube is graduated 0-40 on Each side of vertical in 1 integrals weight 1.5 kgs.

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