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Cluster Nozzle

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Product Description
Model Specification Specification Working pressusre Water spray Surface coverage diameter (Millimeter) (Inch) (Mpa) (m) (m) KHZ-40 40 G3/2 0.20-1.5 3.0-10 1.2-30 KHZ-50 50 G2 0.30-1.5 4.0-12 1.5-3.5 KHZ-80 80 G3 0.30-1.5 8.0-30 1.5-6.0 KHZ-100 100 G4 0.40-1.5 10-45 2.0-8.0 Description: Tree jets are very good to achieve a attractive water effects by its parabolic shape. They are specially appropriate to install like main effect on small fountains. This kind of nozzle is delivered with a depressor to obtain different heights in the water jets. They are specially designed to put on the cover different nozzles that, depending on its type and situation, will create various ornamentalwater effects. Cover could be served undrilled and unthreaded or completely drilled and threaded by customer requirements.

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