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Cnc High-speed Hydraulic Double-chuck Rotary Lathe

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Product Description
CNC high-speed hydraulic double-chuck rotary lathe This machine is designed for European customer with CNC system, used to peel the log without skin with two spindles into veneer. It can finish the rotary peeling at high-speed.ModelBQK1626/8 BQK1620/8 BQK1613/8Cutting timber diameter(mm)200 - 800170 - 80090 - 800Cutting Timber length(mm)2200-27001600-2100900-1450Veneer thickness(mm)0.35-30.35-30.35-3Diameter of chuck-axle(mm)(small)Φ 70    (big)Φ 160(small)Φ 70    (big)Φ 160small)Φ 70 (big)Φ 160Chuck-axle speed(rpm)0-4000-400 0-400Main motor power(kw)160160 160Feeding servo motor(kw)111111Blade gap servo motor (w) angle adjusting motor(kw)1.5 1.51.5Oil pump motor(kw)22,15,1122,15,11 22,15,11Machine general Power (kw)230.2229.7 229.7Machine weight(T)35 29 28Overall Dimensions (mm)9160×4800×4200 8560×4800×420010.5×2.48×3We can supply the perfect after sale service to our customer, such as installation, maintenance for the machines.Our machines have passed ISO9001 and CE certification.

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