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Cnc Production Line For Steel Angle

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Product Feature:1. Feeding speed and punching speed are very fast. The speed is 3 times higher than previous common angle line machines. Greatly improve the production efficiency.2. There are two sets of punching die-station on each side which can be installed two kinds of punches with different diameters. 3. Marking unit adopts closed frame with good rigidity. Four sets of character boxes are fixed on the marking unit which can be selected by program. Marking stadia can be set at will.Adopt CNC technology, servo motor in feeding, with high efficiency, stable work piece precision. Key hydraulic, pneumatic and electric parts all imported.4. Hydraulic system mainly serves for punching, cutting, marking, pressing and transposition of character boxes. All marking, punching and shearing in automatic completeness, all finished angles can be unloaded by pneumatic turnover device so as to lighten the working strength.5. Control system consists of upper computer, CNC system, servo motor, PLC and outside detection switch etc. Processing program can be generated automatically as long as operator inputs the dimension of workpiece. It can also accept certain processing program which is made from special software. The program can be stored, selected, displayed and communicated as per the workpiece No..6. X,A,B CNC axis are driven by imported brushless AC servo motors. The CNC system is controlled by imported PLC, which attached with three axis CNC modules. The modules and three axis servo system constitute a position control loop. The photoelectric encoder feeds back the information. Closed loop control to ensure high positioning precision.7. Single blade shearing ensures smooth shearing section and save raw material. With function of self-diagnosis for failures.  Specifications:FunctionsPunching, marking, shearingAngle size (mm)40х40х3~140х140х12Max. Punching (mm)Circular hole Φ26Slotted hole Φ22*50Punching force (kN)1000Marking force (kN)630Cutting force (kN)1800Max. length of blank (m)12Max. length of finished (m)12Punches per side2Group of Marking letters4Dimension of letter (mm)14 x10x19CNC axes3Cutting modeSingle blade cuttingFeeding speed of angle (m/min)80Processing precisionAccordance with GB2694Program functionReal time fault displayProgramming modeInput by keyboard, RS232 interface and USB interface

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