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Cnc Router With Pneumatic Tool Changer M25x

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CNC Router with pneumatic Tool Changer (M25X) Features Alternate work of multi-heads achieves rapid auto tool changing,improve working efficiency and precision.Simultaneous work of multi-head carve several same patterns at same time to enhance the work efficiency.Spaces between spindles can be adjusted to different material in bulk.OKW Air-Cooled spindle with longer life, cooling without water.Advanced DSP controller, convenient for tool setting and travel control.Applications Furniture decoration industry: a large area flat plate engraving, wood, pane/furniture carving,wood art murals, wood cabinet doors carving.Wood product processing:sewing machine table, electrical counter table,sports equipment.Musical instrument Industry: Instrument three-dimensional surface engraving,shape cutting,Artwork: photo frame, jewelry box.Specification: Model  SK M25XWorking Area(X,Y,Z  mm) 1300 *2500* 200Machine Structure  Square tube structure lathe bed and vacuum tableWorking Holding   By vacuumWork-speed (mm/min) 25000Idling Speed (mm/min) 35000Precision(mm)      0.07Repeatability (mm)  0.02X Y movement     Rack and gears    Z movement     German ball screwSpindle Power     6.0KW air coolingDrive System     Stepper motor     Control System    DSP system       Command Code   G code(*.nc,*.mmg,*u00,ect.),.engCompatible softwareCompatible with any software generating G code file in Window 98/XP/7Working Voltage  AC380V 10V 50-60HZSample:

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