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Coagulant For Paint Fog

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Product Description
ProductModel No Mian MaterialCAS NoEINECS NoMF Place of OriginCoagulant for paing fog8860、9700DPG25265-71-8246-770-3C6H14O3Shanghai,China1、DescriptionCoagulant For Paint Fog is a kind of neutral paint denaturant, mainly based on silicate material, used in the watering system of spray booth , to make the paint particulate in the circulating water flocculate and float up, then separated. It's suitable for majority kinds of paint.2、Advantages1.Non corrosive and harmless to spray equipment;2.Keep the spray booth clean, improve the working environment and increase the working efficiency;3.Appearance: light pink, muddy, sticky liquid;4.PH values(0.5% aqueous solution):8.5±1.

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