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Coated Steel Coil

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As PE and SMP’s weak point,HYDBO(BASF)and BECKER company developed a new material to improve painting material weather-resistant.that’s HDP.The weather-resistant is 60-80% of PVDF.High weathering polyester resin chooses cyclohexane-containing monomer in the synthesis  to balance the resin flexibility, weather resistance and cost,It uses polyols without aromatic and polycarboxylic acid to reduce the absorption of UV light and improve weather resistant.Coatings formulated with UV absorbers and hindered amine (HALS) to improve weather resistance film. HDP coil coating has been recognized by the market in many countries, this material is cost-effective.Pre-painted galvanized steel coilSingle coil weight3.5mtRAL 2008RAL 5016RAL 2013zinc-iron alloy coatingZ12 Z18 Z22 Z25 Z27 Z35 Z43 Z50 Z60Substrate typeProduction processSurface treatmentHot-rolled steel strip,  Cold-rolled steel stripHRC-CRC-GI/GL-PPGI/PPGL-PACKAGED.passivity, Oiling, The seal, Phosphate, Not handleAdvantageWith no pollution, excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, high processing characteristics etc.

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