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Coated Steel Sheet

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PPGI1.According to the use of substrate classification; usually used for organic coated steel plate substrates are: cold-rolled plate,hot galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, alloy plate, galvanized sheet, galvanized alloy plate, tin plate, chrome plate, aluminum plate, etc..2.By coating methods, there are roller coating, spray coating, powder method, laminating, printing, etc. The resulting organic coated steel.3 classification by type of paint; usually press for the production of organic coatings classification of coatings, PVC coated steel,polyester coating plate, acrylic plate coating, fluorocarbon coating steel plate, silicone polyester coating steel plate.4.By coating performance category; according to the performance characteristics of an organic coating points,Painting typeItemCodePolyesterPEHigh-durability polyesterHDPSilicon modified polyestersSMPPolyvinylidene fluoridePVDFZinc thickness sideZ40-Z275Painting ThicknessTop side: 15-25micronsBottom side: 5~10micronsColor SystemRAL codeSize0.14-2.0mm*600-1250mm.Base metalCold rolled steel,Hot dip galvanized steel,Galvanum steel(CRC,HDG,GL)Painting materialHardnessT-bendingCorrosion resistanceWeatherabilityCostCoating thickness/umPEexcellentgoodgoodgoodexcellent20AcrylicexcellentnormalgoodgoodNo-good20SMPgoodnormalgoodexcellentgood20PVCnormalexcellentexcellentgoodNo-good20PVDFnormalexvellentexcellentexcellentNo-good25HDPgoodexcellentgoodexcellentgood20

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