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Cohesive Bandage

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Product Description
Cohesive Bandage:One of the most versatile bandaging materials, the cohesive bandage can be used to control bleeding, support athletic injuries and painful joints, dress wounds, minimize swelling, or treat ulcerations. The cohesive bandage is available in an assortment of colors and a variety of widths. The bandage will only adhere to itself, keeping skin and hair safe from damage. The cohesive bandage tears without scissors, and is easily applied and removed, allowing the product to be reused and repositioned as necessary. Furthermore, the bandage is extremely breathable, promoting proper airflow for wound healing and injury support.ProductDescriptionSizeQtyH1-Cohesive1"Cohesive Bandage1"X 5YD(4.5M)1 roll∕bag,24 rolls∕box and 24 boxes∕CaseH2-Cohesive2"Cohesive Bandage2"X 5YD(4.5M)1 roll∕bag,12 rolls∕box and 24 boxes∕CaseH3-Cohesive3"Cohesive Bandage3"X 5YD(4.5M)1 roll∕bag,12 rolls∕box and 16 boxes∕CaseH4-Cohesive4"Cohesive Bandage4"X 5YD(4.5M)1 roll∕bag,12 rolls∕box and 12 boxes∕CaseH6-Cohesive6"Cohesive Bandage6"X 5YD(4.5M)1 roll∕bag,12 rolls∕box and 8 boxes∕Case

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