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Coiling/rolling/welding Type Extruded Finned Tube

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Finned Tube Product DescriptionFinned Tube as a part of air heat exchanger,Website:, it takes a very important roles here.Finned Tube TypeFinned Tube Air Heat Exchanger heat transfer area/M Reference Selection (heat exchanger tube  φ18. Fin diameter φ38)  heat exchanger area M 2surface  Tube  quantityTube row quantityWidthTube length(mm)6008001000120016002000250030008343010.514.0414.018.7517.523.4621.028.010351513.117.521.9417.523.429.2521.929.236.5626.335.043.812360515.821.026.331.5421. Selection (heat exchanger tube φ25. Fin diameter φ50) heat exchanger area M 2surface Tube  quantityTube row quantityWidthTube length(mm)6008001000120016002000250030008350515.821.126.4421.228.235.2526.435.244.0631.742.252.810361519.826.433.039.6426.435.244.052.8533. Tube Air Heat Exchanger ApplicationThis type of Finned Tube Air  heat exchanger  is widely used in the drying in the industries of chemical, textile printing and drying, chemical fiber, latex, lather, timber, metallurgy coating, feed, lamination machine and others.Finned Tube Shipping

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