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Coin Gold Super Capacitors Edlc Se-5r5155zchv

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Coin Super Capacitors(gold capacitors,ultra capacitors,EDLC) SE-5R5155ZCHVRated voltage(V):5.5V      Rated discharge capacitance:1.5F   Capacitance tolerance:-20%~+80%   Max. work voltage 6.0V:6.0V   Leakage current Max (μA): 250μA   ESR Max (Ω) :10Ω   Work temperature range:-25℃~+70℃   Storage temperature range:-40℃~+85℃(Standard charge model, then discharge To 0.1V at rated current; Repeat 20 timeC = I△t/ △V, △V = 1.50 ~ 1.25V in the fifth discharge)Coin gold Super Capacitors EDLC SE-5R5155ZCHV.pdfApplication Scope: The product can used as back-up power in electronic devices, such as RAM, intelligent meter, motor driver, clock circuit,electronic toys, etc.Standard Test Conditions: In general condition, test conducted under standard atmosphere pressure, temberature between 5′t-35′t and relative humidity below 85%. By this specification, the standard test condition is under standard atmosphere pressure,temperature at 25′t and relative humidity below 60%.Executive Standard IEC 62391-1 (Fixed electric double-layer capacitors for use in electronic equipment -Part 1 :Generic specification> Q/KMNY001-2009 "Electrochemical Capacitor"

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