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Collagen In Other Application

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WHOSH Limited Company is one of the leading China collagen in other application manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy and wholesale low price and cheap collagen beverages, collagen supplements, nutrition ingredient, collagen coffee, collagen peptide protein products from our factory and company. HNB® has valid license and is able to offer customized services to manufacture dietary supplements and foods of special nutritional purposesHNB® Marine Collagen (fish) is excellent material of a wide application in food and cosmetics, which contain protein up to 95%, and is compatible with other active ingredients (vitamins, minerals...). HNB® Marine Collagen can be featured as a natural ingredient in a wide range of applications such as:Powders; Beverages; Coffee; Confections; Jellies; Chocolate; Yorgurt; And Other various applications. It is a mixture of natural peptides with different molecular weight including dipeptides and tripeptides. Year by year, hydrolysed collagen is a modern food ingredient with a good marketing potential. Coffee and Confectionery containing collagen are very popular worldwide. The HNB® has a positive influence on our health and beauty.Collagen is about 25% of our body structure and it takes action in life functions of almost all systems, organs and tissues. Main benefits gained from collagen use are:• performs an important role in the treatment of osteoporosis and osteoartozy• supports the treatment of joints osteoarthritis• helps to maintain the proper condition of the cartilage tissue• has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails• perfectly smooths wrinkles and acts against cellulite• brings significant relief in periodontitis• supports the treatment of varicose veins• eliminates skin inflammation• helps in the treatment of allergic skin• slows the ageing process of the skin by firming and moisturising it Specific stages of the Customized fabrication:• Selecting the range of effects of the supplement and its purpose• Offering quotation after customer declare order quantity• Creating a recipe for the supplement in accordance with the law• Confirming sample before bulk production with customer• Preparing package and container design• Manufacturing (product and package)• Bulk packaging• Performing inter-operational, inter-process and product analysis in accordance with quality standards• Delivering to customer

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