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Combined Helmet

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Equipped with productive combined helmet factory and company, Fenghuo Hongsheng is one of the leading China helmet headsets, helmet earphones, headset helmet, helmet radio headset manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to contact us. Model OSD-10 Combined Helmet is the audio terminal product which can be configured and matched with the communication transceivers equipped in the various models of the aircrafts and the fighting vehicles for the pilots and crewmen to execute the airborne and vehicle-borne intercom communications with the external communication equipments. The product is divided into the two parts the headset and the helmet. The headset can be individually operated. The helmet shell has adopted the compound material so that it has the best anti-penetrable capability. The gasket inside the helmet can be disassembled so that it is very easy and simple to be cleaned. The tactical combined helmet has the good anti-noise capability, the good voice communication efficiency and the protective function.  Main Technical Specifications: Operating temperature:-40℃~+55℃  Dimensions: 255mm×245mm×310mm  Weight≤1600g  Frequency range: 200Hz~4000Hz  Transmitting impedance: 150(1±20﹪)Ω(1000Hz)  Transmitting average sensitivity≥0.6mV/Pa  Receiving impedance: 75(1±20﹪)Ω(1000Hz)  Receiving average sensitivity≥90dB/mW  Sound insulation amount of earmuffs≥20dB

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