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Commercial Air To Water Heat Pump

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Product Description
Powerful Heat Pumps for Commercial BuildingsIn some public buildings or commercial buildings, such as hospital, sports stadiums, hotels, the consumption of hot water is huge, to take place the existed boilers, a powerful heat pump is required.  Our commercial heat pumps are particularly suitable for this situation, the maximum heating capacity of each unit can be up to 250kW, just one or several units will be able to offer enough hot water, and thus the installation is simplified. In addition, you can also use our commercial heat pumps for house heating or cooling for a big building.Benefits for You● Specially designed for commercial and industrial buildings, as well as large residential buildings.● Wide range of heating capacity from 10kW up to 250kW.● Up to 16 units can be controlled by modular control system, suitable for huge project.● High reliability, greatly reduce your maintenance cost.● High efficiency, energy conservation up to 70%.● Optional cooling function.

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