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Common Friction Damper

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If you are checking best, high-quality, discount, or common friction damper brands, please feel free to contact Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co.,Ltd, we are one of the best China common rubber isolators, common friction isolators, common round vibration isolators, common rubber vibration isolators manufacturers and suppliers.The amplitude Friction damper is called JMZ-T Series friction dampers. This type friction damper combines all the good points of the JMZ series. What's mroe, the JMZ-T Series friction damplers also have the features of small height and small amplitude, which make JMZ-T Series suitable for onboard equipments.The micro-amplitude friction damper JMZ-T Series can also be used in the narrow spaces to meet the mountable environmental requirements. This new type friction dampper is the very selection for the limits of the space under some special situations.

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